Patagonia: A Commercial Video Success Story

Patagonia commercial videoPhoto: michael pollak License: Creative Commons

Commercial video offers an exciting opportunity to connect with viewers and turn them into customers. Video creators have total control over the information inside, and they can package it in ways that are easy for prospects to consume and enjoy.

In this series of posts, I’ve already touched on different commercial video applications and video’s unique advantages over written content.

With that being said, there’s no substitute for checking out a real company that’s already using video effectively to see the principles in action. You can draw inspiration from what’s working well and apply it in your own business.

Let’s take a look at how Patagonia, an outdoor clothing company, is using video to stand out from competitors, connect with prospects, and drive sales.

How to Use Video to Deliver Remarkable Customer Support

SupportPhoto: Beaulawrence License: Creative Commons

There’s something special about going to a five-star restaurant.

The atmosphere.

The anticipation.

The way every bite of food lights up your taste buds.

But the experience isn’t worth much without stellar customer support. A restaurant could have the best food in town, but it won’t stay in business long if its wait staff is inattentive to customers’ needs.

Many businesses are unwittingly delivering a similar letdown to customers online. Their products and services are great, but they don’t have the customer support to match.

In this series of posts, I’ve already touched on why businesses should use video and its incredible potential to sell products and services.

But can it help you provide better customer support?


Video has made it possible to support customers in an engaging, cost-effective way. Keep reading to see how different companies are using video to do this (and how you can do the same).

How ScreenLight Saved a CEO’s Presentation and My Weekend

ScreenLight Screenshot

I’ve been using ScreenLight as my client review service for the past three years. It’s gotten me out of countless jams over the years but nothing like what happened the other weekend.

The CEO of the company I work for had a last minute presentation (of course!) on the Friday I was headed out of town for a wedding (of course!). He needed to get access to a video library from another company for his presentation. Usually I would have driven to their office 20 minutes from where we’re located to grab the files. However I was on the road already three hours in the opposite direction when I found out.

While weaving through traffic I had my wife email my contact at the other company asking if they could load the 40 or so mp4 files to an FTP site or Dropbox or Google Drive. No, no and no for a variety of reasons. It’s now late afternoon on a Friday, I’m hours away and I need to get these videos. What am I to do?

How to Create Compelling Demo Videos: 7 Key Principles

Product video demosPhoto: DrabikPany License: Creative Commons

“Show, don’t tell.”

It has been repeated in writing courses to the point of becoming a cliché. There’s a good reason for it: it helps readers experience the story through their thoughts and senses instead of the author’s. Masters of literature do this all the time to connect with audiences on a deeper level.

You can use video to do this online and get more customers. We’ve already discussed the power of commercial video and the unique advantages it offers over written content.

If you harness that power to create compelling demo videos, you can engage more visitors and turn them into customers.

Keep reading to see how.