10 4/4 PM Reads

It's a nice day for some light reading:

  • Tej Babra reviews CineGrain (Tej Babra)
  • When Stealing Isn’t Stealing (New York Times)
  • 4 Steps to measuring e-commerce video success (Video Commerce Consortium)
  • Want some tips on using video to improve the shopping experience? Invodo has you covered. (Invodo)
  • Highlight color fringing in the Canon C300 (Next Wave DV)
  • Researchers report 1 million+ cut cable TV in 2011. (Digital Trends)
  • Keep your hard disks spinning while you're busy in Final Cut Pro (Studio Daily)
  • Automatic video editing with Highlight Hunter (The Beat)
  • Color correction on the iPad (FX Guide)
  • Have cine lens gears added to your Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS II by the wizards at Technical Farm (DSLR News Shooter)

What are you reading?