10 Weekend Reads

Happy Fathers Day Weekend!

Here are some great reads to nourish your mind when you take some time away from drinking beer and searing meat on the BBQ.

  • The big news this week is that Autodesk released the free Smoke 2013 pre-release trial. While it's way easier to use than previous versions, some tips on getting started can't hurt. Here are some great resources. If you find others, share them in the comments.

  • I've heard people debate the merits of doing a demo reel. Some think it helps get more work, while others think you are better off sending prospective clients or employers targeted samples of your work. Personally, I think you should be doing both. Your demo reel should showcase your storytelling abilities and not just the work you have done. The work samples can be used to flesh things out and demonstrate you understand what the client wants. This article has 20 tips on creating a successful demo reel.

Until next week.