10 Weekend Reads

Get your post-on with these 10 interesting weekend reads!

  • Check out this interview with Light Iron about their new pay-as-you go post production membership service. It's interesting the hear the perspective of someone with a track record of innovating in terms of industry business models.

  • This week Drobo introduced a couple of new devices. The 5D desktop model has an extra accelerator bay where you can plug in an mSATA SSD drive to increase performance. With two thunderbolt ports and a USB 3.0 port, it should be a versatile and powerful option for video professionals. Also up is the Drobo Mini, which has the same IO options, and has four 2.5 inch bays that accept SATA drives or SSDs. Check out the demo videos by Richard Harrington.

  • A good read from Oliver Peters on his experience jumping into the fire with FCP X. What I like about this one is that there are lots of tips on renaming and organizing media before beginning the edit.

  • Final Cut Pro X was released just over a year ago. Guess what that means? Lots of retrospectives and postulating on where it will go from here. Scott Simmons has a good Final Cut Pro X state of the union.

  • Larry Jordan provides some good tips on getting started with Smoke. If you haven't done so yet, its worth downloading the free Smoke 2013 pre-release trial.

  • Do you need a beast of a pro workstation, but are unhappy with the recent refresh of the Mac Pro (if you can call it that)? If so, check out this review of the ProMAX ONE by Walter Biscardi.

  • One of the best ways to promote your business is by educating customers. Part of this is content marketing, but part of it is just relating to them personally. Here are good tips on how to build your professional brand without coming across as an egomaniac.

  • Have clients that still need to be convinced that they should produce online video? One way to convince them is with stats on online video viewing growth. Another is to point them to this post which looks at how Akamai, one of the biggest content delivery networks, needs to grow its capacity 100-fold in the next 5-years to keep up with demand for video.

  • This panel on The Art of Getting Paid has some great insights on how to get paid for doing what you love. In the video, fund raising expert Brian Newman and maverick filmmaker Ryan Koo sat down for a practical discussion designed to help career-minded creators. Their candid back-and-forth touched on lots of moolah-related topics, including where the money is, how to make smart sacrifices, and what self-promotion skills come in handy as you try to drum up dollars.

  • Speaking of the money. Here is a good post on how to start your own videography business. Rich recently touched on a similar topic with his post on tips on running a successful video editing business.

P.S. - Don't forget to read Rich's latest post: To Transcode or Not Transcode: Deciding To Edit In Premiere Pro Natively or Use an Intermediate Codec.